Terms and conditions

Introduction: VASTRA-SHASTRA is a private limited e-commerce company registered under Indian laws.


Service: VASTRA SHASTRA is an online retailer of fashion and accessories related product. By getting registered through our website you can shop from site and order will be delivered to your doorstep. We cannot guarantee you the smooth service any time on a website. As it is related to an internet website can be blocked at any time or can be hacked.


Privacy: By getting registered to our website you are agreed to follow company terms and conditions and you are agreed that data you have provided is up to date


The exactness of the product: We are selling our products through online on various devices so there might be a slight change due to the brightness of the product or any change in the color of the product. We cannot guarantee that you can get an exact product with the same color there might be a slight, but we are trying to offer you the exact product.


Pricing: Our products have different prices. It can be changed for offer price and can become as it was last after a limited time. If you got any changes with prices after order you can notify us through the mail. If there is a change we will correct it or else we can add your money to your wallet. We are not responsible for the price change if it’s done for government taxes.


Payments: Payments can be done through online and offline also. For online we provide online payment facility, we withdraw your payment form our debit/credit card after a full transaction of check-out procedure. For offline we offer cash on delivery method.


Delivery of the product: We offer different types of delivery. The time of the delivery depends upon the product and the place of the ordered product. You can get the time period of the delivery through Gmail after payment.


Return and refund policy: You can return your product within 15 days if you have any problem related to a product. We cannot accept the product if the packaging is not the same as it was delivered.


VASTRA-SHASTRA is not against any other person, religion, religious groups, political leaders, political parties, etc.  if some products define something related to any above-listed subject we don’t refer them personally.

Block or termination of access : If you do anything wrong with the terms and conditions of the company , company might block you or terminate you for purchase of any future product. But if you have order any product before termination you are liable to pay for it.


Extended Points :

1] Privacy Policy:

Usage of DATA : If the customer denies every time to not to share DATA. But at some important stage company requires DATA because it’s a mandatory process. Because of Government Law company had to update your DATA before selling any product.

Domain name operated by company name under Indian law.

By using company service you agree to receive promotional posts through social media.

Customer must ensure that you are using company service through company website is not illegal or prohibited


2] Return & Refund: You can return your product within 15 days if you have any problem related to a product.  We cannot accept the product if the packaging is not the same as it was delivered. If a customer wants refund company will refund the amount to Vastra Shastra Wallet. If a customer wants to return the product customer can courier that product to official company address as it below

1101/D-64, Antariksh Alba, Azad Nagar Number 2, Veera Desai road, Andheri (West) Mumbai 400 058.


How to use Vastra Shastra Wallet. 


1] Customer will get ₹100 cash in Vastra Shastra Wallet after Login Itself.

2] If customer cancels the product, the amount will be added automatically to their Vastra Shastra Wallet.

3] Customer can transfer their Vastra Shastra amount to any other customer’s wallet by deducting 100 as a transfer charges.

4] You can use wallet amount while doing your payments buy just enabling wallet amount